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I was concerned that a 2 hour compliance webinar was going to be boring and I wouldn't retain anything. I was surprised to find that I was engaged the entire time. Having the handouts before hand was very helpful. Thanks!

Casidhe Meriwether, Valero FCU

Thought this was one of the best [webinars] we have done, and we will now do more through you. We loved the interaction on the screen during the presentation.

Lynn Hayhurst, The Bank of Georgia

Excellent Webinar. I try to sign up for any webinar concerning lending or compliance that you or Carl Pry conduct. Both of you do an excellent job compared to others that I have attended.

Gary Jordan, Vice President, PeoplesBank

I have to say this has to be one of the best webinars I have ever attended!! Usually, I can barely keep my eyes open. I like how it had us interact with the webinar by filling in information. We had a total of 3 that attended this webinar, and they all agreed!
Just want to say, GREAT JOB!!!

Lara E. Peterson, First National Bank Of Picayune

The speaker clarified a lot of information for me, I will not have to contact my legal counsel as often now and will be saving money on legal fees for my Credit Union. Thanks.

Lisa St. Francis, Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement FCU

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